Hershey's Stickers, Py-on-i Designs

0.75" Circle

Personalize Hershey's Kisses with petite stickers designed to co-ordinate with your theme.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 100
1 Stickers, Py-on-i Designs

1" Circle

For personalizing small favors like measuring tapes, miniature cupcake stands and candy jars.

PRICE: $12.50 per 25
1.5 Stickers, Py-on-i Designs

1.5" Circle

This is the best size for envelope seals. Also great for small boxes, organza bags and miniature rum .

PRICE: $12.50 per 25
Circle Stickers, Circle Tags, Py-on-i Designs

1.75" Circle or 2" Circle

Decorate and personalize your favor boxes or bags with these standard sizes for tags or stickers.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Oval Stickers, Oval Tags, Py-on-i Designs

2" Oval

Our "go-to" size for mini galvanize pails, hang tags and seals for square flap envelopes.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Scallop Tags, Scallop Stickers, Py-on-i Designs

1.5" Scallop or 2" Scallop

Elegant die cut circles with a scalloped edge. This style can be layered for an additional cost.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Heart Tags, Heart Stickers, Py-on-i Designs

2" Heart

Spread the love with personalized heart shaped tags or stickers. Great for basic favor boxes and bags.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Flourish Square Tags, Py-on-i Designs

2" Flourish Square

This ornate shape gives an elegant touch to your favors and works great for closure tabs, tags or stickers.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Vintage Frame Tags, Py-on-i Designs

2.75" x 1.5" Vintage Frame

An elegant die-cut frame with simple text or added graphics can be used for tags or stickers.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Hexagon Tags, Py-on-i Designs

2" Hexagon

Perfect for your geometric themed event or bee themed baby shower. Can be used for tags or stickers.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Square Tags, Py-on-i Designs

1.75" Square

The most traditional shape, this basic square suits invitation closure tabs, favor tags or stickers.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Small Merchandise Tags, Py-on-i Designs

Merchandise Tag (SM) - 2" x 1.5"

This ornate tag shape can be used with stationery, gift boxes, favor bags and more.

PRICE: $15.00 BBD per 25
Large Merchandise Tag, Py-on-i Designs

Merchandise Tag (LG) - 3.25" x 2

A larger version which allows for more text. Perfect for large gifts, wine bottle tags and escort cards.

PRICE: $20.00 BBD per 25
Large Heart Stickers, Py-on-i Designs

2.5" Heart

A larger heart that fits perfectly as a sticker on our medium cake box. Great for tags on small gifts.

PRICE: $20.00 BBD per 25
Large Scallop Circle Stickers, Py-on-i Designs

3" Scallop Circle

This large scallop is a favourite for adding a personalized touch to large favor boxes and paper bags.

PRICE: $20.00 BBD per 25
Snowflake, Py-on-i Designs


Suitable for tags or stickers. Available in 3 sizes.
2" - $15.00 BBD per 25; 3" - $20.00 BBD per 25

3" PRICE: $31.25 BBD per 25
Baby Onesie, Py-on-i Designs

Baby Onesie - 3.5" x 2.5"

This adorable onesie shaped card can be used for gift cards, favor tags or even business cards.

PRICE: $20.00 per 25

Classic Tag - 2.25" x 1.25"

Personalize favor boxes, bags, invitations and more with this classic tag shape.

PRICE: $20.00 BBD per 25

Great for ANY Occasion!

Orders are completed within 2 - 3 business days of design confirmation.
The minimum order quantity is shown with each style.