Wedding Stationery Verses

Intro Verses

For the front or inside of the invitation.


An answered prayer he is to me,
My greatest blessing she'll always be.
And so today we'll pledge our love,
in front of you and God above.

Love fills the moment
and the moment begins eternity.
Love fills a lifetime
and a lifetime begins this hour.

As unique as the seashell,
as deep as the sea,
as eternal as the waves,
Our love is meant to be.
Two hearts are united
through the spirit of God's love.
On this day that we wed,
may we be blessed from above.

Two lives, two hearts,
joined together in friendship,
united forever in love.

Let this be our destiny, to love, to live,
to begin each new day together,
to share our lives forever.

In the sweetness of love,
let there be laughter,
and in all our tomorrows,
the freshness of today.


On this day, I marry my best friend.
From here on we will always have
someone to lean on, cry with, laugh with
and share the rest of our lives with.
The only thing better than this day,
is to celebrate it with family and friends.

This day I will marry my friend,
the one I laugh with, live for, dream with.
The one I love.

I have found the one
whom my soul loves.
Song of Solomon 3:4

Invitation Wording

 W001 - Brides Parents Hosting (Formal)

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Rachel Diana
Michael Anthony Taylor
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taylor
on Saturday, the eleventh day of August
two thousand and eighteen
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Saint James Parish Church
Folkestone, Saint James

 W002 - Both Parents Hosting (Casual)

William and Marcia Bradshaw
together with
Richard and Elaine Harris
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their children
Samantha Alyssa
Kenrick Demitri
on Saturday, the twenty-first of April
two thousand and eighteen
at four o'clock in the afternoon
Mahogany Ridge
Plum Tree Road, Saint James
Reception to follow.
 W003 - Bride and Groom Hosting (Formal)

The honour of your presence
is requested at the marriage of
Nikita Samantha Harris
Dwayne Tyson Folkes
on Saturday, the fourteenth of April
two thousand and eighteen
at half past three in the afternoon
The Church of the Nazarene
Collymore Rock, Saint Michael

Reception immediately following at
Mayfield Plantation House
Saint George, Barbados
 W004 - Bride and Groom Hosting (Casual)

Alicia Latoya Morris
Jonathan Marcus McClean
invite you to share in their joy at their wedding
on Saturday, the twenty-seventh of October
two thousand and eighteen
at five o'clock in the afternoon
The Savannah Beach Hotel
Hastings, Christ Church

Reception Dinner
immediately following the ceremony.

 W005 - Private Ceremony and Reception After

Maureen and John Francis
are happy to announce their marriage,
which took place in a private ceremony,
on Thursday, October 11th, 2018
in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Please join them for a reception
to celebrate their union
on Saturday, November 17, 2018
at 7:00 p.m.
Accra Beach Hotel
Rockley, Christ Church
 W006 - Elopement Announcement, Reception Invitation

We set sail for a much needed vacation,
and we tied the knot in a tropical destination!

Please join us for a Cocktail Party
in celebration of our marriage
on Friday, August 24, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.
Fusion Rooftop
Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown
RSVP by August 4, 2018
Telephone: 935-3045

Nadia and Christopher Giles
 W007 - Christmas Wedding

In the spirit of the season
we have found the perfect reason
to gather family and friends.

Please join us in celebration
as we are united in marriage
on Saturday, the twenty-second of December
two thousand eighteen
at four o’clock in the afternoon
The Fairmont Royal Pavilion
Porters, Saint James
Reception Dinner to follow.

Heather Lovell
James Wallace
 W008 - Romantic

Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in love.

It is with joy that we,
Elizabeth Carter
Mark Simmons
invite you to share in a celebration of love
as we exchange our marriage vows
Saturday, the second of June
two thousand eighteen
at four o'clock in the afternoon
Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral
Jemmotts Lane, Saint Michael

 W009 - Invitation with Guest Line

A fresh new day and it is ours
a day of happy beginnings when we,
Kelly-Ann Carrington
William Diego Collins
are united in marriage.
the pleasure of your company is requested
on Sunday, the eighteenth day of March
two thousand and eighteen
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Sweetfield Manor
Brittons Hill, St. Michael

Reception to follow.
 W010 - Cruise Ship Wedding

Love makes life a paradise!

Please join us,
Gabrielle Wilkinson and Vincent Mayers
as we exchange wedding vows
Wednesday, September 5, 2018
on board the Carnival Fascination
Bridgetown Port, Barbados.

Please arrive at the pier for boarding by 11:00 a.m.
with your Identification Card.

RSVP before July 15, 2018
Telephone: 935-3045
or Email:

NOTE: Invitation wordings are only suggestions and can be adjusted to suit your celebration. You may also submit your own wording via email.

Reply Cards

We suggest making your reply deadline at least one month before your wedding. This will allow enough time for you to order for favors, make seating arrangements and get a final head count to the caterer.


The courtesy of a reply is requested
before July 11, 2018
_______ can ______ cannot
accept your invitation to the wedding.

We look forward to celebrating with you.
Please reply by March 21, 2018
_______ will attend
______ unable to attend

by 14th March 2018
______ can't wait to see you!
______ will toast from afar

We will dance if you play

We have reserved ____ seats in your honour.
Please respond before 27th Septemer 2018
______ persons will attend
______ cannot attend

Entrée Choices (indicate number)
___ Fish ___ Chicken ___ Vegetarian

We hope you can join the celebration!

Please reply before 2nd May 2018
Telephone: 935-3045

For additional details including
meal choices, accommodation and gift registry
please via our wedding website

R.S.V.P. by 18th February 2018

Return envelopes are included with cards to be returned by post. This does not apply to cards using a telephone number, email or website as the means of contact.

Monetary Gift Requests

While it has become a common practice, asking guests for money can be awkward. Here are some polite ways to make your request. These verses should be printed on a separate card and never on the invitation.


With all that we have,
we've been truly blessed.
Your presence and prayers
are all we request.
But if you desire to give nonetheless
a monetary gift is one we suggest.

A wedding list is so hard to prepare,
for a couple with bed linen
and loads of glassware.
So a Monetary Gift is our special request,
That way we can choose the gift
that will benefit us best.

No gift list has been selected.
We would appreciate if your
generosity could be expressed
In the form of a monetary contribution.


We made a commitment some time ago
that together through life we were destined to go.
We purchased our furniture, linen and bedding,
in the fulfilling years leading up to our wedding.
What else we might need is not easy to gauge,
but what might help us in the future
is a deposit in our bird cage.

In our house we have the things
that living together normally brings
most household items we've already bought
and because of this reason we thought
A wishing well would be great
(only if guests wish to participate)
A gift of money is placed in an envelope
so in the future we hope
to furnish our home to its very best
and always remember
it was due to our guests.

Many of our guests have enquired,
For a gift idea to be inspired
Like many young couples today,
We have most things anyway
If you would like to give, it is our request,
For something for our treasure chest
A gift of money you can afford,
Is just what we need you can be assured.


You're invited to our wedding
when we both say "I do"
And the most important thing to us
is sharing our day with you.
If you're thinking of a gift,
some money would be great.
Or a selection from our list at
we'd much appreciate.
But the choice is really up to you,
and we'd really like to say,
That the very best gift is you,
with us, on our special day.

We've been together quite a while
and have a lovely home,
There are not too many items
that we don't already own.
So if your thoughts were on a gift,
your presence will suffice,
But if you really feel the need
then vouchers would be nice.
The choice is really up to you
and we would like to say,
We hope you come, enjoy yourselves
and have a lovely day.

Program Poems

These are placed on the back page of the programs as thank you notes.


This is the day we vowed our love,
in front of you and God above.
In future years we shall recall,
the joys you wished us, one and all.
We're grateful for your presence here,
all who came from far and near.
May God bless you is what we pray,
As he has us on Our Wedding Day.

This day is filled with happiness
and joy is ours to share,
With all our friends and neighbours
who came to show they care.
The prayer we carry in our hearts,
Of love and faith and peace.
We give to all of you with hope
that these will never cease.

We thank you each and every one,
For joining us this day,
You've added to our happiness
in a very special way.
As the years shall come and go,
Our dreams will give us pleasure,
And bring you back to us again,
In memories to treasure.

We thank you friends and neighbours,
and relatives so dear,
For your congratulations,
and for your presence here.
The memory of these happy hours
You've shared with us today,
Will linger throughout the years,
And ever with us stay.

In this world of uncertainty and confusion,
We have found each other,
Totally different yet alike.
Having the desire to combine these likes
With the joys of solved differences,
We have grown together
In love and understanding.
We sincerely thank you,
Our friends and loved ones,
For making our joy complete,
By your presence, thoughtfulness and prayers.
 WP06 patient and kind;
love is not jealous, or conceited,
or proud, or provoked;
love does not keep
a record of wrongs;
love is not happy with evil,
but is pleased with the truth.
Love never gives up;
its faith, hope, and patience never fail.
Thank you for sharing with us
the precious moments of this day.

Today I married my best friend,
Our bond complete, it hath no end,
We share one soul, we share one heart,
A perfect time, a perfect start.
With these rings we share together,
Love so close to last forever,
This special day - two special hearts,
Let nothing keep this love apart.

Today well lived,
will make every yesterday
a memory of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
You have been a special part of our yesterdays
and we look forward
to our tomorrows together.
But for today - thank you for being with us.

Thank You Card Verses


A loving note can barely say,
all we felt that magic day.
A heartfelt note is sent to you,
for your thoughtful gift and wishes too.

This heartfelt note of appreciation
is meant just for you,
'Cause you helped to make our special day
more than a dream come true.

Thank you for joining us
as we began our new life together.
Your generosity and thoughtfulness
are very much appreciated.


It was very wonderful to have you there
to share our most special moment.
Thank you so much for taking part
and helping us celebrate
the day our new life started.

You have truly enriched our happiness
with your presence and your lovely gift.
Thank you for giving us a lasting memory
of your kindness and generosity.

Words cannot express the joy that we feel,
Remembering that you shared the beginning
of our new life together.
Thank you for your very thoughtful gift.

With sincere appreciation
we both send thanks to you,
For your very lovely gift
and for your thoughtful wishes too.

As we count our blessings
we're especially thankful to you
for making our special day
more than a dream come true.

How very wonderful it was
to have you there to share
that special moment in our lives
that we'll always hold so dear.
And here's another thank you
for the special gift you sent.
we can't tell you just how much
it all truly meant.

This is only a tiny message
but it's meant just for you,
for finding time in your busy life
to give us a moment or two.
The love and strength you bring to us
just being by our side,
fills our hearts with happiness
so great we cannot hide.